Welcome to the 39th Chinese Control Conference

The 39th Chinese Control Conference (CCC2020) will be held during July 27-29, 2020, in Shenyang, China. The CCC is an annual international conference sponsored by the Technical Committee on Control Theory (TCCT), Chinese Association of Automation (CAA). It aims to bring together the international community of systems and control to discuss the latest findings and advances in control theories and technologies. The CCC2020 will feature plenary lectures, contributed and invited sessions, panel discussions, pre-conference workshops, oral presentation sessions and interactive sessions. The proceedings of CCC2020 will be submitted to IEEE after the conference.

Shenyang is the capital city of Liaoning Province, as well as the economic, cultural, transportation, business and trade center of the Northeastern China.

Shenyang is rich in cultural background. It's been known to the world as 'a birthplace of Qing dynasty, the kingdom of two emperors'. Shenyang is the first batch of famous historic and cultural city of China. It owns 3 world cultural heritage, the imperial palace of Qing dynasty, Fu Tomb and Zhao Tomb, and more than 1500 historical and cultural site including Xinle Historical Site, Home-heritage site for the Xibo People, the 4 towers and 7 temples of Ming and Qing dynasty, and Commander Zhang's Mansion.

Shenyang is the national civilized city, national environmental protection demonstration city, national forestry city and national garden city. It's the national new type industrial comprehensive matched reform experiment zone and demonstration region for integration of informatization and industrialization. At present, Shenyang is boosting the construction of national central city, advanced equipment manufacturing industrial base, ecological livable city and making all effort to promote the overall revitalization of the old industrial base.