Welcome to WISA 2012

Internet and Web have brought the deep effects on our society and made Web information system one of the main pupular distributed application systems which takes a more and more important role in information systems of vaious organizations and enterprises. WISA is an annual national conference on Web Information Systems and Applications (WISA) sponsored by Office Automation Society of China Computer Federation. The previous 8 WISA conferences were held in Wuhan (2004), Shenyang (2005), Nanjing (2006), Beijing (2007), Xi’an (2008), Xuzhou(2009), Huhehot(2010) and Chongqing(2011), receiving nearly 1000 submissions at its most .  

WISA2012 will continue this good tradition of providing opportunities for extensive discussions and information exchange on core technique in Web information systems, application framework and architecture in Web information systems, Web information system applications, and so on. Two workshops will be held in conjunction with the main conference: the 7th Workshop on Semantic Web and Ontology as well as the 6th Workshop on Electronic Government Technique and Application.  

Regular papers of the main conference and two workshops will be published by the formal IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services in English. The rest papers will be published by the formal core journal of Computer and Digital Engineering. In addition to the paper presentations in the conference, a few well-known experts will be invited to give special reports, as will as the outstanding student papers will be selected by the conference.

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